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Dry Top Super Shine

Dry Top Super Shine

29pln / 5 ml

Looking for a top coat that will make a manicure resistant to scratches for many weeks? Dry Top Super Shine is a hard product which doesn't leave a dispersive layer which will protect the manicure. It's perfect for strong, enhanced nails. If you want to apply it on a weak nail plate, apply a double layer of protein or keratin base beforehand.


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EAN: 5902188526844

The delivery time includes: time of realization (48h*) and transport (24-48h in Poland; 3-5 days in other countries). *The order is processed and delivered on working days.

Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.

product description

Benefits of Indigo Dry Top Super Shine:

  • spectacular shine - beautiful finish on the manicure,
  • universal - for gel polish, gel, acrylic,
  • easy to use - soft brush makes painting near the cuticle area an easy task,
  • no dispersive layer - perfect for the effects like Indigo Holo Manix, GlassMe®, Metal Manix® Chameleon or Multichrome.

Curing time:

  • Dual LED lamp - 60 seconds
  • UV Lamp - 3 minutes

Attention! After curing the Dry Top