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Dry Top Coat Super Shine

gross price: 15,00 EUR

Dry Top Coat Super Shine 

Polish top coat, which doesn't leave dispersion layer.

Dedicated for gel polish manicure but it can be used also for finishing gel polish or acrylic manicure.

Dry Top is not removable with Lanoline Remover - you have to file it with a file with 100/180 grit.

If the nails are weak and brittle it's a good idea is to put a double layer of Keratin Base, Ultra Strong Base or with our Protein Base!!

Curing time:

Capacity 10ml

Capacity:10 ml
EAN: 5902188526837; Index: KAT02803
Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.
Other colors:
color: Milky White color: Limoncello color: Neon Yellow color: Lemon Ice color: Pan Ananas color: Bajabongo color: Be Cool color: Neon Orange color: Royality Glitter color: TigerLily color: Bahama Mama color: Fiona color: Watermelon color: Red Carpet color: Goji Berries color: Valentina color: Marilin color: Summer Joy color: Piggy color: Madame color: Raspberry Girl color: Out of control color: Cupcake color: Lolita color: J'adore color: Solaris Effect color: Milky Pink color: Sunset Pink color: Pink-a-Colada color: Pink Pong color: Iron Pink color: Rich Girl color: Like a Princess color: Miss Universe color: Lady Lion color: Tokyo Style color: Lady Kung Fu color: Arabella color: More Love color: Harlequin color: Apricot color: Pom Pom color: Natural color: Cream Della Cream color: Cuttie color: Champagne color: Gold Nude color: Milkshake color: En Vogue color: Elegance color: Malaga color: Nude Beige color: Toffi Coffee color: Beige Sugar color: Honey&Almond color: Paradox color: Chocolatier color: Espresso color: Hot Chocoa color: Mud Bath color: Caffe Latte color: London Bridge color: Fat Cat color: Bomber Jacket color: Boyfriend Style color: Top Secret color: Silver Cha Cha Glitter color: Silver Princess Glitter color: Superstar Effect color: Light Gold Glitter color: Oh My Gold Glitter color: Rich Gold Glitter color: Paradise Beach color: Summer Mint color: Mr. Bean color: Emerald Glitter color: Green Lantern Glitter color: Amazonia color: Ecuador color: Khaki color: Tropicana color: Where Is My Tarzan color: Neon Green color: Lime color: Fly High color: Tiffany color: Electric Iced Tea color: Istambul Glitter color: Blue Bamboo color: Neon Blue color: Wonder Woman Glitter color: Aquarius color: It's A Boy color: I'm The Boss color: Saturn Effect color: Lagos color: Storm Glitter color: Baby Blue color: Midnight Ocean color: Shanghai Glitter color: Trendsetter color: Adriatic color: Fame color: Violet Storm color: Lila Sky color: Blueberry color: Cotton Candy color: Ciao Bella color: Love color: Boa Seducer color: Wild Dreams color: I'm Indigo color: Aurora Effect color: Daydreamer color: Iguana color: Fashionista color: Insomnia color: What A Beast color: Neon Violet color: Jupiter Effect color: Night Out color: Hot? Why Not? color: Cherry Brownie color: Femme Fatale color: Marsala color: Anaconda color: She Is A Maneater color: Glam Rock Glitter color: Mr. Black color: Removable Top Coat color: Removable Base


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