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Silver Princess Nail Polish 10ml

gross price: 5,00 EUR

Silver Princess nail polish

Silver nail polish Silver Princess combines great with other shades adding a bit of sparkle to the manicure.

If you want to make sure that your colour will last, apply it on a layer of Vinyl Base and protect it with Indigo Pro Top

Blues -  Adriatic, Blue Bamboo, Astronaut, Aquamarine, Daydreamer, It's a Boy, Mariner Blue, Midnight Ocean, November Rain, Sky Bar, Sky Is The Limit, Summer Sky,

Greens - Amazonia, Electric Iced Tea, Green Peace, Jungle Trip, Kiwi, Mint&Soda, Palm Beach, Paradise Beach, Pastel Mint, Pistachio, Sea Breeze, Summer Mint

Purples - African Fiolet, Blueberry Juice, Boa Seducer, Campanula Purple, Fig, Grapevine, I'm Indigo, Jungle Indigo, Lavender, Lilla Sky, Lily, Lola

Nudes and subtle roses- Apricot, Arabella, Candy Girl, Capri, Summer Joy, Cutie, Little Pink, Cinderella, Peach Tulip, Prima Ballerina, Sweety

Pastels -  Baby Blue, Be Cool, Ciao Bella, Happy, Oops, Top Secret, Fly High, I'm The Boss

Reds Bad Red, Baywatch, Classy, Pomodoro Rosso, Parlez-vous-francais, Romeo&Juliet, Cranberry, Goji Berries, Grapefruit, Hot Strawberry, Out Of Control, Raspberry Girl, Red Carpet, Red Delicious

Amaranths - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Like a Princess, Pink a Colada, Pink Heaven, Pink Up, Pinky Delight, Tutti Frutti

Muted colours - Casablanca, Chic Nude, Cinderella, Classic Mocha, Copacabana, Cud Malina, Elegance, Elizabeth's Dream, English Rose, Fancy Nancy, Fuchsia, Madame, Milkshake, Paradox

Shimmering - Champagne, Harlequin, J'adore

Dark shades - Cherry Brownie, Cherry Pie, Deep Purple, Share My Chamber

Intriguing grey shades - Fat Cat, London Bridge, Tough Cookie, Incognito

Glitter - Gold Confetti, Milion Dollar Baby, Twelve O'Clock, Silver Princess, Moonlight, Silver

Neon - Neon Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Red

Every woman will find her favourite shade in our collection of vinyl nail polishes!

Capacity:10 ml
Color:Silver Princess
EAN: 5902188520514; Index: KAT02134
Other colors:
color: Fat Cat color: London Bridge color: Tough Cookie color: Top Secret color: Moonlight Silver color: Silver Princess color: Mr. White color: Banana Cocktail color: Lemon Ice color: Hello Yellow color: Mango color: Orange color: Sunny Mandarin color: Be Cool color: Grapefruit color: Watermelon color: Baywatch color: Bed Red color: Bloody Mary color: Pomodoro Rosso color: Havana color: Cranberry color: Fancy Nancy color: Hot Strawberry color: Neon Red color: Parlez-vous francais? color: Red Carpet color: Red Delicious color: Romeo and Juliet color: Classy color: Goji Berries color: Oops! color: Capri color: Cud Malina color: J'adore color: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang color: Lavender color: Like a Princess color: Lola color: Madame color: Neon Pink color: Out of control color: Piggy color: Pink Heaven color: Pink Up! color: Pink-a-Colada color: Pinky Delight color: Raspberry Girl color: Summer Joy color: Tutti Frutti color: Happy color: Copacabana color: Arabella color: Apricot color: Candy Girl color: Cinderella color: Harlequin color: Little Pink color: English Rose color: Cuttie color: Casablanca color: Champagne color: Chic Nude color: Incognito color: Milkshake color: Peach Tulip color: Prima Ballerina color: Sweety color: Gold Confetti color: Million Dolar Baby color: Elegance color: Classic Mokka color: Paradox color: Venice Carnival color: Kiwi color: Paradise Beach color: Pistachio color: Summer Mint color: Where Is My Tarzan color: Amazonia color: Fly High color: Jungle Trip color: Electric Iced Tea color: Blue Bamboo color: Blue Lagoon color: Mint & Soda color: It's a Boy! color: Mariner Blue color: Neon Blue color: November Rain color: Palm Beach color: Sky is the Limit color: Summer Sky color: Vamos a la Playa color: Twelve o'clock color: I'm The Boss color: Aquamarina color: Baby Blue color: Midnight Ocean color: Sky Bar color: Adriatic color: Blueberry Juice color: Campanula Purple color: Grape Vine color: Lila Sky color: Share My Chamber color: Violet Storm color: Warm Up! color: Wonderland color: Zafferano color: Ciao Bella color: Love color: Jungle Indigo color: Daydreamer color: I'm Indigo color: Elizabeth's Dream color: Deep Purple color: African Violet color: Fig color: Cherry Brownie color: Cherry Pie color: Very Berry color: Flamenco color: Black color: Zestaw color: Zestaw color: Zestaw color: Zestaw


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