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Magic Star - shea butter, 75 ml

What should the ideal body care product be? Firstly, it should be versatile. Secondly, it should be very nourishing and last but not least it should have an amazing scent which will make you feel beautiful. Every one of these features can be found in Shea Butter Magic Star!

The woody-flowery composition of Magic Star scent is very feminine and ambiguous at the same time. Captivating notes of ambergris, cashmere and Jasmine will intrigue you and boost your energy. Dipped in this amazing scent you’ll feel like a superhero - free, strong and confident!

Indigo Shea Butter is a very versatile product with amazing regenerating properties:

  • used as for the entire body will moisturise and nourish your skin
  • it’ll replace your face cream
  • it protects the skin against sun, wind and cold
  • it’s indispensable when it comes to the manicure - it nourishes and strengthens the nail plate, it also nourishes cuticles and hands
  • used as a hair serum, it will strengthen it, preventing its breaking and splitting
  • it’s perfect for dry, cracked lips
  • it’s suitable for all skin types

Try our range of products in a signature Magic Star scent:

Capacity:75 ml
Fragrance:Magic Star
EAN: 5902188519631; Index: KAT02045

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