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Sugar Effect UV Gel

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Sugar Effect Gel - perfect white

  • White gel for nail art - with its help you can create powder effect on nails
  • In combination with colour acrylic powders by Indigo, your design will have a textile-like look
  • This gel doesn't spread so you can create the smallest details and precise shapes. That's why it's a pleasure to work with it
  • Sugar Effect gel is perfect to cover the whole nail  or create tiny details
  • With it's help you can create extraordinary designs like Chanel - quilted nailst!

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It creates avery strong dispersion layer, acrylic powder will stay on your client's hands until her next visit in your salon! You can choose over 150 shades of colour acrylics and create endless amount of designs.

Curing time:

Capacity:8 ml
EAN: 5902188505580; Index: KAT00348
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