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Women's Day with Indigo

Indigo team knows how well the saying goes: Remember to celebrate the holy day,  this is why the 8th of Match should be celebrated for at least 3 days! Keep reading and learn what kind of special offer we've prepared on the occasion of your day!

Being a woman is not an easy task which should be appreciated. The abundance of roles that you do and the challenges of everyday life you face - it is not an easy task but we all have to admit...womenhood is amazing!

It's power, strength and energy to change the world for the better!  The real magic that women spread all around them deserve much more than 1 holiday in the calendar, this is why Indigo is going to celebrate for 3 full days!

-15% for feminine gel polishes

From Friday the 8th to Sunday the 10th you can take advantage of the special offer: we lower the prices of gel polishes that have a feminine element in the name by 15%.

Miss Carrington, Lady Joker, Hrabina, Femme Fatale, Glam Mom, Like a Virgin - these and SEVERAL DOZEN OTHER COLOURS can be yours for a lower price! A full list of polishes available in the special offer can be found here:


Celebrate for the entire weekend 8th-10th of March! The special offer is available from the official Indigo website and official Indigo distributors!

Shop and show others how beautiful it is to be a Woman.

With best wishes
- Indigo team

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