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Why do gel nails fall off?

Gel nails are a great foundation for a hybrid nail design. In order for the procedure to have a durable effect, it’s important to remember about several principles. By observing them, we will avoid the disappointment caused by the premature falling off of the application.

The most common mistakes in gel application

One of the most common mistakes made when applying gel nails is the failure to use a primer, the main task of which is to fix the design. The primer degreases the plate and changes its pH, resulting in increased adhesion. This product also prevents the formation of white spots appearing under the surface of the nail. Currently, there are two types of primer available on the market – acid-free and acid primer. If you want to fix applications and avoid gel nails from falling off, you should use one of them.

The first of them is an extremely versatile product. Acid-free primer, also known as bonder, is used in situations where the nail plate is not problematic (e.g. does not suffer from hyperhidrosis). Due to its mild composition, it doesn’t cause irritation and doesn’t have a destructive effect on natural nails. Additionally, it’s odourless.

If the nails are characterized by a problematic plate, acid primer proves to be a reliable solution. Its composition allows for effective etching and bonding of the nail plate with acrylic or base. Acid products are characterized by a much stronger composition. For this reason, they should not be used by people with a tendency to allergies and having delicate skin.

Gel nails in combination with a hybrid manicure

Why do gel nails fall off? This is due to the fact that not everyone remembers to first degrease the nail plate with a cleaner. This is a necessary activity, which determines the eventual success – inadequate preparation of the natural nail plate almost always results in a non-durable design.

After that, we can start applying gel. Depending on the needs, we can apply two or three layers – but remember to cure each of them with a UV lamp. It’s also very important to use a primer on natural nails before applying the first layer of gel. This treatment will significantly increase the adhesion of UV gel and prevent gel nails from falling off. 

After applying the gel layer, the nails are ready for the application of a hybrid nail polish. In this case, remember the following order – base, colour, topcoat.

Regular nail care

Regular care of natural and gel nails is extremely important for their condition and has a huge impact on the fight against premature loss of gel nails. Taking breaks of several weeks will have a beneficial effect on the regeneration of natural nails. During this time, it’s advisable to use conditioners with creatine, calcium and vitamins, which will harden and strengthen the nail plate.

It should be remembered, however, that a balanced diet is always the basis of proper nail care. If we want our nails to be healthy and strong, we should consume products containing protein (milk, rice, cheese), calcium (all kinds of dairy products), silicon (vegetables, fruits), zinc (beets, cabbage) and magnesium (cocoa, dark chocolate). In addition, we can support ourselves with supplements rich in the above ingredients.

How to take care of nails? First of all, we should provide them with the necessary micro- and macro-elements that directly affect their health. This way, they will be harder and more resistant to any mechanical injuries. A nourished plate will be less problematic and, as a result, the application of gel and hybrid nails will be much simpler.

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