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Which hand cream to choose?

We don’t need to convince anyone about the fact that hands reveal who we are, and a careful manicure is to a certain extent a “must have” for every woman. But what can we do to make our hands look like after a visit to a beauty salon? The answer is simple. Use an appropriate hand cream!

When you think about how many activities your hands do every day, you’ll have no doubt that they deserve a bit of concern and care. Manual work, cleaning, washing dishes, contact with chemicals and adverse weather conditions – admit that your hands don’t have an easy life. That’s why you should always carry with you a good hand cream that nourishes and moisturises your hands and creates a protective layer, so that they look beautiful and retain their youthful appearance for longer. Okay, but which cream is good?

What hand cream should be like?

A cream differs from lotion by a slightly more condensed formula. Usually, the presence of nutrients in creams is more concentrated and their consistency is denser. That’s why hand creams absorb a little longer than body lotions – but it’s worth waiting. Hands are “in the first line of fire”; they need a little more attention.
A good hand cream moisturises, smooths and protects the epidermis, making hands velvety and soft to the touch. They also look beautiful and harmonise with well-groomed nails.

Hand cream – day treatment

To support your nails and protect them from irritation or dryness, the easiest way is to have a hand cream always with you and develop a habit of application every time you wash your hands. Add this little ritual to your day – devote 2 minutes and take a break from the keyboard. Both hands and eyes will benefit. But what if your hands require more support and occasional application or even daily use of a hand cream doesn’t meet your expectations?

Then it’s worth thinking about changing the product, e.g. to one that contains as many as 9 nutrients i.e. Shea butter, beeswax, d-panthenol, horsetail extract, allantoin, lanolin or vitamins A, E and F, as in the case of hand creams from the Indigo Home SPA series.

Choose the cream with the best composition and the most beautiful fragrance. Check for yourself how pleasant and simple your daily hand care can be.

Hand cream – night treatment

It’s also a great idea to regularly treat your hands with a “night cream” – especially demanding hands or hands in the autumn-winter season. Use your cream and wear regular cotton gloves when the harsh weather conditions are taking their toll. In the evening, apply a slightly thicker layer of cream to your hands and put on gloves. After just one night, your hands will delight you with the degree of hydration, nourishment and smoothness, and they’ll surely be very grateful to you! Try it for yourself!

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