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Rainbow ombre - step by step [VLOG]

Ombre is a design that is very popular among clients and looks great combined with other ornaments.

Do you know how fast and flawlessly can you create it with a use of acrylic powders?

See our step by step tutorial!

Sharm Effect Roses

Shram Effect Roses - step by step [VLOG]

The rose ornament created in the wet painting technique is the latest hit in nail salons. It's visually stunning and yet it takes far less time than you think!

See how to create it step by step with the use of three Indigo Nails products.

Indigo Bestsellers of October

Bestsellers of October

Let's see the top best selling products of last month.

Among them, there are many fashionable colours and effects for creating nail designs. It's worth to watch!