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Valentine's Day new release – become a countess with Indigo!

Despite the lack of Polish roots, Valentine's Day has become well established in our culture and is celebrated every year! It's time to celebrate Valentine's Day with Indigo! How? With pomp and revelry! Discover the Valentine's Day’s newest product - the unique Hrabina Gel Polish!

For Valentine's Day we've created for you a unique gel polish that you can use to make a beautiful manicure! Of course, the most important thing on that day is love and your other half, but every opportunity is good to delight with a manicure perfectly matched to the circumstances.

Hrabina Gel Polish is a shade of juicy timeless red – a colour that is inseparably associated with love, but also femininity and sex appeal! 

A manicure with Hrabina is the perfect match on Valentine's Day! Be sure to prepare your nail design with this nail polish and tag us in your social media (@indigonails), so we can admire it.

We're sending you the most heartfelt wishes on the occasion of the Feast of Lovers – may the fire in your relationships burn continuously, and if you're lonely we hope that you'll soon find someone who will light up it in you!

Have a great Valentine's Day!

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