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The revolution is coming - time for Gelastic by Indigo!

The highest quality products for a traditional manicure. Everything you need to perfect the gel, acrylic and gel polish method. But we still want more! If you also want to keep in touch with new techniques, you must check out GELASTIC - the revolutionary method by Indigo. 

Gelastic - we save your time!

Gelastic is a method dedicated to stylists who are not yet ready to offer the nail enhancing services or do not feel confident enough in creating acrylic or gel nails. It’s also to those who want to run an up-to-date nail salon that considers the needs and preferences of every client. If you are part of any of these groups, then the Gelastic is the perfect product for you!

What is Gelastic?

Gelastic is a nail enhancing method based using the latest technology that combines the advantages of gel and acrylic. The durability and resilience to damage and at the same time solve many problems that come with traditional methods. What will you gain?

Gelastic - no more racing against time and more!

Gelastic guarantees absolute control over the product as it doesn't spill on the cuticles, run down from the nail, it is very malleable and hardens only after curing - you decide when the nail is done and don't have to worry about time!

You can create nails on all fingers and cure them in the lamp at the same time. Your sensitive clients will be happy to hear that Gelastic doesn't burn during curing - the reduced polymerisation temperature means no more pain!

You will be glad to know that the new method is very "clean" - cured nails created with Gelastic system is easier and more malleable to form nails created using other methods. No more problematic dust that flies all over your salon. Isn't it great?

Your workplace will remain neat thanks to a tight and handy packaging. Dispensing the product is also easy.

The Gelastic product family

Gelastic is a refined product family and tools with a common goal - to make your work faster, easier and more enjoyable. Thanks to a double-sided Gelastic tool with soft bristles and a handy spatula in one, dispensing the product will be easier than ever. Gelastic Control Liquid makes application of the Gelastic product easier and prevents the product from sticking to the brush. Transparent forms enhance the polymerisation and accelerate the curing process. Gelastic is a complete work system which owes its uniqueness to the refined recipe and...PrimoUltimo product. This one should convince you to choose the new Indigo system.

23,40 PLN / 150 ml

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41,60 PLN / 5 ml

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The magic of PrimoUltimo

It's not magic exactly but an advanced and developed chemical composition. PrimoUltimo guarantees all the things that other work systems can never provide! Primo Ultimo is a multifunctional product that works as a framework, base coat and shining product. It enhances the adherence of Gelastic and makes forming of the nails very easy.  It's your reliable best friend on the journey to perfecting your skills with the Gelastic system!

156 PLN / 60 g

156 PLN / 60 g

156 PLN / 60 g

156 PLN / 60 g

Do you have questions about the Gelastic system? Would you like to know more?
Write to us and our experts will be glad to give you information and dispel any doubts. Contact: or sign up for training!                             

More information about available training with Gleastic system can be found at:,trainings.html

How to work with Gelastic? A step by step tutorial!

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