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The 2018 Indigo Home SPA favourites!

Every now and then we create a summary of chosen product lines for you – this is how we gather knowledge about the products that you loved the most, and you can learn if your personal tastes are in line with other clients. Today we present the Top 5 products from Indigo Home SPA! Check if you have them in your collection and which ones you need to try out in the new year!

We had a feeling that the body lotions in your favourite scents – Bloom Gold and Seventh Heaven will reach high positions in the popularity ranking but we were delighted to learn about the success of Shimmer body lotions – lotions enriched with shimmering particles! The Lotions leave a sparkling glow on the skin and won your heart not only in the summer months – but also during the carnival and...whenever you want to glow.

We want to remind you that Indigo Home SPA is a combination of Indigo perfume scents with 8 nourishing ingredients: urethra, soy oil, D-pantheon, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera extract, and allantoin. Regardless of their amazing scent, it's always a perfect treat for your skin, which will return the favour with a beautiful, healthy look!

Not only lotions!

We are very happy to announce the success of 2018 – an intense nourishing foot cream Foot Lover, which will help take care of such a demanding part of your body which are your feet and enjoy smooth skin and a sexy look!

Although your favourite scent lines of the Indigo Home SPA are: Seventh Heaven and Bloom Gold, the cuticle oil in scent Matrioshka also landed in a high place. We wonder if this year you will love the bold, oriental scent composition in the lotion and cream version? Only time will tell!

We are sure that the rivalry between the products will be tough because we are preparing many new products for you and new versions of the favourites – stay watchful. For now, these are some of the most popular products from the Indigo Home SPA 2018!

1. Bloom Gold Shimmer

Amazing scent or professional care? Indigo Home SPA products make this choice redundant! Our 2018 hit – body lotion in Bloom Gols, a mix of floral scent notes with black coffee, vanilla and white musk. Available in versions:

2. Cuticle oil Matrioshka

The highest-class cuticle care and bold, oriental scent. Applause for Matrioshka cuticle oil!

  • Cuticle Oil Matrioshka available here:

3. Foot Lover foot cream

This product for foot care has been available in the Indigo Home SPA line for only a few months but it became an instant favourite! Is the reason for the success the amazing scent or great effectiveness or...both? See for yourself:

  • Foot Lover foot cream can be bought here:

4. Seventh Heaven Shimmer

Another version of the body lotion with bling bling! This time the triumphant combination of favourite Seventh Heaven scent, your favourite, nourishing body lotion and shimmer! Glow at your beck and call? The popularity of Seventh Heaven Shimmer suggests an enthusiastic – yes!

5. Arome 99 body lotion

The list of the favourite products of 2018 ends with another body lotion, this time in Aroma 99 scent. Is Seventh Heaven as a scent leader threatened? We shall see! Arome 99 has a refreshing scent of orange, nectarine, mango, raspberry and sandalwood. See if you too will be seduced!

Does our ranking match your personal favourites? Maybe it will convince you to check something new?

Indigo favourites - do you love them as much as we do?
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