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All Indigo Collections from 2018!

We know about your favorite Indigo products and Indigo Home SPA favorites. Time to take a nostalgic glance at the past and remember the collections that took your breath away in 2018. And, as you know, there were quite a few and each caused a commotion in the industry!

Ranking of colours from the Sex In The City collection!

Ranking of colours from the Sex In The City collection!

The Sex In The City collection, just like New York, had its official premiere on September 9th. Today, we’ve decided to summarize and present your favourite products that most often end up in the shopping cart at our online store! Check which nail polishes from the latest collection signed by Sara Boruc-Mannei have won your hearts.

Autumn in Indigo – training for company showrooms!

As many as 76 nail technicians working for Indigo visited the headquarters of our brand at the beginning of September. The reason for the meeting was training! The girls gained and consolidated their knowledge under the watchful eye of brand educators – Klaudia Demkiewicz, Katarzyna Wojtczak and Angelika Wróbel.

Sex In The City Sara Boruc-Mannei

Sex In The City - new, autumn colour palette!

New, autumn collections by Indigo will make you gasp with bewilderment. Though everyone was expecting the parade of autumn colours, the effect of this collection will be a huge surprise. Why? See for yourself. We are delighted to introduce one of the autumn collections - let's have a round of applause for the Sex In The City collection signed by Sara Borux-Mannei.