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Sex In The City Sara Boruc-Mannei

Sex In The City - new, autumn colour palette!

New, autumn collections by Indigo will make you gasp with bewilderment. Though everyone was expecting the parade of autumn colours, the effect of this collection will be a huge surprise. Why? See for yourself. We are delighted to introduce one of the autumn collections - let's have a round of applause for the Sex In The City collection signed by Sara Borux-Mannei.

Take part in Under Art workshops!

Check out unique workshops in amazing Under Art ornament which are being held all over Poland.

Raise your qualifications and learn the technique behind the trendy nail art ornaments. Check out the details.

Cleaner - what is it for?

The Cleaner is one of the key products in a tool box of a nail stylist. Do you know there are various kinds of Cleaner?

Let's see what is the difference and what are they for.