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Marble nails – step by step. How to do it?

Each year brings new trends or promotes fashion that’s been forgotten for decades. There are cases, however, when a certain style can stand the test of time and enjoy great success be popular for years. A great example are the so-called “marble nails”, which from a curiosity of one season have become one of the most popular methods of nail decoration.

Curing time of hybrid and gel nail polish

Curing time of hybrid and gel nail polish

On the one hand, an endless range of hybrid nail polishes, fantastic colorful gels as well as many builders and finishing products give you an ocean of opportunities and, on the other hand, bring about the risk whether a precisely made design will cure completely. We’ll tell you how long it takes for Indigo products to maintain maximum durability in a particular type of lamp and explain what can affect the estimated curing time.

Sex In The City Sara Boruc-Mannei

Sex In The City - new, autumn colour palette!

New, autumn collections by Indigo will make you gasp with bewilderment. Though everyone was expecting the parade of autumn colours, the effect of this collection will be a huge surprise. Why? See for yourself. We are delighted to introduce one of the autumn collections - let's have a round of applause for the Sex In The City collection signed by Sara Borux-Mannei.

Hybrid nail curing lamp – which one to choose?

Hybrid nail curing lamp – which one to choose? LED or UV?

Curing, the final stage of the nail design process, is actually the icing on the cake – the last element for the final effect. In case of insufficient power or type of light, we can significantly extend the time and even make it impossible to envision our designs for a unique nail. That’s why choosing the right hybrid nail curing lamp is a priority.