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As a precursor and trendsetter in nail design, Indigo invites you to a very special event. On September 9th, the whole world WILL GET TO KNOW NEW NAIL POLISHES OF THE BRAND!

How to choose the perfect Indigo base coat?

A series of brand new Indigo products has caused some commotion. A confusion has spread not only among our competition but also our clients. It's hard for our stylists to keep up with the ever-expanding list of new products, considering how busy they are. This post has been created upon the request of our clients. This post will clear things up and give the basic outline of the broad spectrum of our base coats and some new products. Are you ready?

What type of nail file should you choose?

Among the various products for nail styling, there is a wide variety of files and buffers made from different materials, in a number of shapes, sizes and with different grits. We share some advice on choosing the reliable nail file, on choosing the right grit for the right task and a step in creating manicure.

Gel Polish French manicure – step by step

A French manicure is unmistakably one of the most iconic and timeless ways to style nails. Trends and fashion change from season to season, but this manicure is always chic and will have a large group of enthusiasts no matter what. Today, we are going to show you how to create a French Gel Polish manicure! We'll show you two ways – traditional and expressway.