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Summer nails 2018 by Indigo - We Are The Colors!

Every woman starts preparing for holidays several months before. We were also very busy preparing to summer 2018! We wanted it to be really special and we did it with the ultra-pigmented Indigo Gel Polishes collection called We Are The Colors by Natalia Siwiec.

Well cared nails are an unquestionable feminine decoration and complement of everyday stylizations. Manicure can say a lot about the character of the owner, her lifestyle and even about the current state of mind. Strong, expressive colors are a response to the demand of modern, active and confident women who are extremely successful, emanate positive energy and like to give it to others. Vivid summer nail colors add courage and can also mean readiness to act.

Summer nails colors 2018 – our choice!

If you want to feel like a real star this summer, you should choose a deep, saturated, energetic Bombastic. This expressive violet is quite a bold proposition, but do not forget that Ultra Violet was selected as the color of the 2018 by Pantone. When you want to feel more stylish and original, choose Eucalyptus and its beautiful, emerald color. Hedonista is a must have of every woman who follow current trends. Its neon yellow-orange shade is a real hit of this season. For spontaneous women, we suggest Freshmaker, with a very fashionable, turquoise-mint color, while the extremely pink, sexy Pop Star is for those, who want to emphasize feminine sex appeal.


Check other our summer nails 2018 propositions!

Do you want to see more? Check out our other suggestions for this season and choose something for yourself!


During the summer we also love delicate, pastel colors that are extremely girlish and look like powdered candies. But do you know how should the perfect sweet pink look like? The answer to this question is Maybe Baby! Feminine and subtle, tempting and with character at the same time. Looks great on its own but in combination with delicate grays, expressive purples or other pastel shades, it will create a perfect stylization!

In this case, Bambi Girl would be the perfect choice. It is made by combination of a blue touch with a light gray shade. This soft lavender color is designed for women who like pretty girlish, subtle manicure.

Many of you, not only the lovers of pastels, will certainly just fall in love with Be My Habibi. It was created from a combination of violet and candy pink and this is how we made one of the most desirable Indigo colors. It is really hard to pass by such a charming lilac pink!

Among the ultra-saturated shades there is also a pretty calm accent. Summer stylizations with Superduper will always be delicate and subtle. This milk, slightly peach color will perfectly match any skin color, so you can wear it at any time of the year! However, remember to try the Superduper in the summer, because it will beautifully conquer the color of your tan.


How about neon madness? We Are The Colors! Our absolute favourite for summer 2018 is Figo Fago! We haven’t seen yet so sweet purple. It is unbelievably intense and hard to resist. Perfect for confident women who are not afraid of fashion experiments, because Figo Fago will be a fantastic complement of every summer outfit.

There is also an amazing, very expressive Summerlicious that you just need to know – it’s an orange shade with a hint of pink. This juicy, pinky peach is so sweet that you want to eat it! Anyway, it incredible emphasizes the holiday tan. Our summer manicure proposal with Summerlicious is a delicate ombre in combination with lighter colors but you can also mix it with other, equally juicy shades.

Are you looking for something original for this summer season 2018? Impressive Baobab is saturated, emerald green, created for meeting with friends or long-awaited holidays. It is not too dark but also not very light, we are not afraid to say that it is just perfect. It will certainly give you a lot of positive energy for long, summer days.


At the end, we have to extremely charming and heavenly beautiful proposals for you! Do you like to play with colors? Are you an artistic soul? Are not afraid of challenges? In that case, just hop on deck and meet El Captain! Ahoy adventure! What a refreshmen! Dreamlike turquoise, deep shade of the blue lagoon… It will not only work in summer 2018 with a nautical style but also in the winter when the world is covered with snow and frost.

Do you need a moment of a rest after this madness? If you do, you also need Lazy Daisy. This is a pretty close cousin of well known Call Me a Unicorn and Serenity. Lazy Daisy is a completely new combination of blue and violet, both in perfect proportions. It will charm you in the blink of an eye and will not let you forget about it for a long time…

In the case of summer 2018 nail stylizations, become a real hedonist and do what you always dreamed about! Give yourself whatever you want! Let your imagination run wild and crazy! You will not regret it – we guarantee that. ;)

Summer nails 2018 by Indigo - We Are The Colors!Summer nails 2018 by Indigo - We Are The Colors!Summer nails 2018 by Indigo - We Are The Colors!Summer nails 2018 by Indigo - We Are The Colors!Summer nails 2018 by Indigo - We Are The Colors!
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Piękne te intensywne kolorki. Totalnie zakochałam się w Waszej kolekcji.

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