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Summer Art 3D - holiday workshops by Indigo

Phenomenal decorations, advice and guidance from experienced nail artists as well as an abundance of holiday inspirations - all this is waiting for you during the Summer Art 3D workshops starting on July 6th. Are you ready for summer madness with Indigo?

If you haven't discovered the extraordinary power of Mousse Gel and Art Gum products yet, Indigo holiday workshops are just for you. Using the unique properties of our products you will create three-dimensional decorations and ornaments that will certainly win the hearts of your customers.

Juicy fruit, creamy ice cream or a refreshing cocktail? With Mousse Gel and Art Gum products you can serve your customers holiday desserts without any remorse. 

Immerse yourself in a sea of inspiration during the Summer Art 3D workshops; recreate on your nails beautiful holiday memories from hot beaches, which will be alluded to by fancy decorations such as seashells, starfish, seahorses, palm trees, or pink flamingos. With our products for structural decorations - Art Gum and Mousse Gel - you'll be limited only by your imagination!

Mousse Gel, a revolutionary product with the consistency of a thick gel, is available in more than 45 colour variations, which brings unlimited possibilities for your imagination. Art Gum is an extremely plastic gel mass, which you can model as long as you want - it does not set spontaneously and remains elastic and prone to re-forming until cured with a lamp.  

During the Summer Art 3D workshops, the best Indigo instructors and educators will show you how to use our products to create phenomenal summer decorations in three dimensions.

These workshops are a real mix of holiday decorations! 

Don't wait and sign up for our summer workshops today. The full list of dates and venues of the Summer Art 3D workshops can be found below:

(date / city / rowadzący / leader of workshop / e-mail)




  • Poznań / Adina Trojan / 507 343 990 /




  • Lublin / Małgorzata Jankowska / 572 734 546 /
  • Lubliniec / Katarzyna Leśniak / 668 130 156 / 609 201 583
  • Siedlce / Kinga Kryńska / 666 046 633 /


  • Pabianice / Angelika Wróbel / 505 088 119 /


  • Łódź - Centrala / Klaudia Kawińska / 731 712 766 /




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