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Start the New Year with Indigo! 2+2 promotion!

The dust after the New Year’s Eve party has already settled a little. 2019 is finally here! And Indigo wants to welcome it with full honours – check out our New Year’s promotions!

We’re not slowing down! Our 2+1 Christmas promotions were extremely popular and many gifts from Santa had the Indigo logo on them. That’s why we want to offer you even more and celebrate 2019 together with great pomp!

From 1 January you can enjoy our 2+2 special offer for the following products:

- Gel Brush
- Arte Brillante
- Cat Eye

All the nail design fans and nail artists who included on their list of New Year’s resolutions things like “development”, “investment” and “dreams come true” will be delighted. And since there are many of you, we kindly suggest: you’d better hurry up – the promotion lasts until stocks run out; the early bird catches the worm!

We hope that thanks to Indigo you’ll welcome 2019 very warmly, and soon, in your social media, we’ll see the effects of working with our products acquired during the promotion! Don’t forget to tag us: @indigonails!

Check the promotion online or at your Distributor.

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