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Spring Nails - spring gel polish inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration for a spring manicure? Get inspired by Indigo Designers ideas and conjure trendy nails for spring with the shades of the Think Spring collection.

Pastel madness - spring gel polishes in the 80's style

The mad style of the '80s is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for original spring art designs, which reign among this season’s nail trends. By combining contrasting shades and experimenting with unobvious designs, you can create an extraordinary, unique character and adjust the spring manicure to the individual preferences of your customers. The must-have in your stylings are bright, joyful colours and their bold combinations. The nails in spring are to be fresh, colourful and full of optimism. Spring is the best time for geometric, abstract designs, multi-coloured french and ombre. Everything, of course, in light pastel tones.

A colourful manicure will be a perfect complement to the spring look, which should not lack fashion accents, inspired by the style of the 80s. Coats and jackets with wide shoulders, puffed sleeves, denim and leather skirts, as well as balloon jeans - wide, slightly tapered at the bottom with a high waist - these are the favourites of this season, accompanied by pastel nails will look phenomenal.

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Girlish romantic - the trendiest gel polish spring nails

Are some of your customers' romantics? This season, they'll be able to enjoy their favourite styles, perfectly matching the hottest trends. The most fashionable nail colours this spring are bright pastels, which in combination with delicate designs and floral ornaments will be an absolute hit.

A subtle mani will complement any romantic look - both on a day to day basis and for special occasions. Pastel pink or blue nails will be a great addition to the most fashionable shirts this season. A collar and flounces, as well as light, girls' dresses that every romantic will gladly wear with the first rays of spring sun.

Take advantage of Indigo Designers inspirations and create your spring gel polish designs that will delight with freshness and the trendiest look. For more ideas, go to our social media: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

44,20 PLN / 7 ml

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Spring Nails - spring gel polish inspirationSpring Nails - spring gel polish inspirationSpring Nails - spring gel polish inspirationSpring Nails - spring gel polish inspirationSpring Nails - spring gel polish inspirationSpring Nails - spring gel polish inspirationSpring Nails - spring gel polish inspiration
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