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Sofia and Gdańsk conquered – Indigo Team triumphs again!

We haven’t had time to cool down after the achievements from our Masters in London and Madrid, and we are already flooded by another wave of awards: 14 medals in Bulgaria and 11 in Gdańsk. Congratulations!

The following members of our team took part in the NailOlimpic Championships in Bulgaria (5-6 October 2018): Katarzyna Zbroińska, Magdalena Gajeńska and Natalia Rozstalska. The list of awards presented below leaves no doubt – the girls simply crushed the competition! 

NailOlimpic Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, 5–6 October 2018

Medals won:

Katarzyna Zbroińska – DIVISION 2 

Grand Champion 
Grand Master International Nail Art 
1st place Gel Polish manicure 
1st place Jewelry Nails 
2nd place Pink and white Gel 
2nd place Stiletto design 
3rd place Tip Box Mix media 

Magdalena Gajeńska – DIVISION 1 

1st place Salon Nails 
1st place Jewelry Nails 
2nd place Stiletto Design 
3rd place Gel Polish Manicure

Natalia Rozstalska – DIVISION 1 

1st place Stiletto design
2nd place Gel Polish manicure 
3rd place Salon Nails

Not only abroad have we proven our strength! We also showed what we can do best at the Nail Master Cup Gdańsk Championships – the Indigo Team won 11 medals there! Natalia Trefon, Agnieszka Mazur, Marcelina Rawka, Magdalena Żuk, Martyna Surmacz, Marta Tomaszewska and Paulina Hercan proudly represented the Indigo brand on the podium! Below is a detailed list of their distinctions.

Championships in Gdańsk, Nail Master Cup Gdańsk, 6–7 October 2018


Pink and white gel

3rd place Natalia Trefon

1st place Agnieszka Mazur

Pink and White acrylic

3rd place Marcelina Rawka

Soak Off

1st place Magdalena Żuk

Salon Nails

3rd place Martyna Surmacz

2nd place Magdalena Żuk

1st place Agnieszka Mazur

One Tip

3rd place Marta Tomaszewska

Tip Box

1st place Marta Tomaszewska

Nail Art

2nd place Paulina Hercan

1st place Marta Tomaszewska


We’re extremely proud and grateful. It’s fantastic that the talent and hard work of our team are constantly appreciated. Congratulations once again and thank you!

Sofia and Gdańsk conquered – Indigo Team triumphs again!
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