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Shram Effect Roses - step by step [VLOG]

The nail art ornaments are always visually stunning - draw attention and liven up a toned down manicure. Intricate nail art ornaments are little pieces of art on their own accord because creating a painting on such small space requires a lot of skill and precision. However, sometimes the design looks more complicated than it really is...

One of such designs are the popular roses painted in a wet technique the so-called Sharm Effect. It is a beautiful design which can be a great compliment to one colour manicure. It is often created on an accent nail.

Even though this ornament seems hard and time-consuming it really isn't . We need only three products to create it: white gel X White, the Arte Brillante gel, the Master Art brush.

On a layer of X White gel that has not been cured, paint delicate swirls with some space in between. They will spread, blend and create a shading effect. The step by step tutorial for this design presents Magdalena Żuk Indigo Nail instructor from Wrocław.

See the video:


Shram Effect Roses - step by step [VLOG]Shram Effect Roses - step by step [VLOG]Shram Effect Roses - step by step [VLOG]Shram Effect Roses - step by step [VLOG]Shram Effect Roses - step by step [VLOG]
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