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Ranking of colours from the Sex In The City collection!

The Sex In The City collection, just like New York, had its official première on September 9th. Today, we’ve decided to summarize and present your favourite products that most often end up in the shopping cart at our online store! Check which nail polishes from the latest collection signed by Sara Boruc-Mannei have won your hearts.

First place – About Her

Juicy, dirty pink – a bit more daring than its traditional version. What’s amazing is that it’s usually associated with childhood and immaturity, while in adult life, when we discover our powers, it becomes a symbol of femininity and a weapon. After all, power is a woman. About Her is the strongest candidate for the 1st place in the whole collection!

You can buy About Her here


Purple variations definitely have their day now, and your weakness for Crush makes it clear to us that not only dark and intense colours are appreciated by our customers.  Crush is almond purple – feminine, subdued and calm.

You can buy Crush here

Smokin’ Gun

We somehow predicted that this one would be on the top! Smokin’ Gun – a colourful essence of autumn climates, a perfect colour for nail designs with the use of very fashionable mustard. Unobvious, juicy and sexy, ranked third in the popularity ranking.

You can buy Smokin’ Gun here


To be honest, we didn’t expect that a mixture of bottle green, black and penetrating pomegranate would captivate you so much! Admiral’s success is a proof that... when you take a risk there’s fun and there’s a huge success! Thank you for your appreciation of Admiral Gel!

You can buy Admiral Gel here

Business Woman

Timeless classics are always in fashion. Juicy, blood red that emphasizes professionalism, adds courage and suppresses shyness. It’s been a symbol of sexuality for almost 100 years, so nobody’s surprised by Business Woman’s high position in the ranking.

You can buy Business Woman here



Do you have podium winners in your collection? Or perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a completely different colour? Let us know!

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