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Protein Base - the cult or timeless?!

Many seasons went by since it's premiere but the unflagging interest, popularity, a growing list of awards and thousands of satisfied clients leave no doubt - it is still one of the hottest products from Indigo! Next, to new collections, it is yours and our favourite product!

Don't be fooled by the multitude of new products. This base coat is always trendy and will help you achieve strong, beautiful and natural fingernails - it will work both as a restoring base for a gel polish manicure and as a standalone revitalising treatment, which Indigo brand salons offer!
If your nails need support and strengthening, have been damaged by a change of diet or intense lifestyle or...they are beautiful and you want to keep them this way then look for Indigo salons! There, you'll get a treatment with a base that your nails will love!

38 PLN / 7 ml

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68 PLN / 13 ml

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We never had any doubts about the effectiveness of our Protein Base, however, we are always happy with every new award that joins the evergrowing list.  Did you know that the base coat has been given 6 prestigious titles and trophies? It is the most titled and appreciated Indigo product! The list includes:

When we developed the Protein Base formula we had no doubts that our clients will be dealing with something incredible. The scale of success after the premiere was no surprise to us. The intense work and research that went into creating it have ensured that the base went from being a hot novelty and great product to a timeless and essential classic in one swift motion.

Gel polish pedicure - step by step
Championships in Madrid and London - we have over 100 medals!!!

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