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Our World Champions!

On 1st – 3rd June, took place the Global Champion Nailympion Competition in Rome, the World Championship of Nailympion - an elite championship, in which the best of the best take part!

The third day of the Championships was the most important day for our instructors Paulina Walaszczyk and Joanna Bandurska, who under the heat, stress, fought for a place on the podium. It should be added that the participants were the winners of the Master Division, winners of the following titles: Winner of Winners Division III, Grand Champion, and even the International Judges!

As they say, it was the most difficult championship, where not only the weather turned out to be a hindrance but also a high level of participants and stress, which is always an inseparable companion of the championships.

After an exhausting day, it was time for the announcement of results. And here they are:

both Joanna and Paulina stood on the podium, winning the title of the World Champion! For Joanna, it's a symbolic moment, because it's her 100th time when she stands on the podium.

Nailympion Global Competition, Italy:

V-ce World Champion Paulina Walaszczyk

II Vice-Champion of the World Joanna Bandurska

Our World Champions!Our World Champions!
Caviar, Hexagons and Dots nails – super trio!

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