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New body scrubs from the Indigo Home SPA line in scents: Arome 99, Bloom Gold and Love Story

Finally!  Your favourite scents from Home SPA line: Arome 99, Bloom Gold and Love Story now available in body scrubs!

The amazing effect of exfoliating particles combined with nourishing ingredients such as 12% shea butter, 11% coconut oil and the addition of sweet almond oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa butter guarantee that your skin will be silky smooth and properly nourished. And the fragrance? It's a treat for the senses! All versions of body scrubs come in a practical and efficient 500g container.

The line includes Seventh Heaven - Shea Sugar Body Scrub and now the Arome 99, Bloom Gold and Love Story join the family! For those who didn't get to know and fall in love with the scents, we provide a short description:

Arome 99 is a composition based on fruit notes such as orange, nectarine, mango, raspberry and sandalwood; Bloom Gold is an amazing mix of floral notes with black coffee, vanilla and white musk and Love Story is a scent created with warm notes of coffee, vanilla with a bite of pink pepper!

75 PLN / 500 g %

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75 PLN / 500 g %

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We just want to add that apart from the Seventh Heaven, these scents are also very popular.
You must try them!

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