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Nails in red

Valentines is around the corner and it's a great occasion to come back to tradition and try to make a red nail manicure. In our collection, you can find different shades of red from an assortment of our products: Nail PolishesGel PolishesGel Brushes we selected 30 hues of reds best suited for Valentine’s Day.

Blush red 

On the palette above we presented a variety of reds from pinkish raspberry through to bright reds finishing on deep wine colours. Colours come from left to right: 

On a red carpet

The colour red is considered very stimulating for a human psyche. The hottest of colours since ancient times was considered a colour of life and extreme feelings. It symbolises love, passion, desire, infatuation but also courage and extravagance.  


Hybrid Gel Polishes come in variety of red colours:

The other group contains a darker and deeper spectrum of red. Our Valentine’s Day offer contains the ever-popular Glitter Catwalk. Get into mysterious shades of reds – your hybrid manicure will give you an air of mystery. 

Catwalk Glitter is a fresh red with a shimmer.

Our collection of Gel Brushes is divided into two groups. 
Reds and Raspberries: 
Mouline Rouge – fair raspberry 
Puerto Rico – cinnabar 
Red Hot Peppers – classic, bloody red. 
Cruel Intentions – intense, bright, pure red. 
Rusty and dark reds: 
Powerful – brick red 
Red Ruby – carmine with a brown undertone 
Metallic Marsala – insane shade of red with shimmer 
Dracula Kiss – dark raspberry   
Red a very dynamic colour and will continue to be a timeless classic, a head turner that provokes strong emotions like a Ferrari exciting all men.  
For most members of the opposite sex, red is just a colour. But no two reds are the same. Each one is one of a kind and should be chosen carefully to match the occasion. Regardless of the shade, a red colour will make you feel feminine and chic during romantic dinner. 
On our YouTube channel (Indigo Nails.-Poland) you can see all our red nail polishes, hybrids and gels in action.

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