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Nailpro Championships 2018: Indigo Team won 16 trophies!

NailPro Championships 2018, which took place in Katowice on the 1st and 2nd of September were a great occasion to present the skills and talents of Indigo stylists. We are proud to announce that our team took home another 16 titles!

Wit that the impressive list of our stylists' achievements has grown to 775 titles. We are proud and overjoyed that the amount of work put into education and growth has resulted in such success and that the girls' hard work is appreciated in almost every competition.

The detailed list of trophies:

  • Tip Box Hand Painted Nail Art novice, IIIrd place Agata Wilamowska
  • Tip Box Hand Painted Nail Art veteran, IInd place Marta Tomaszewska
  • Mixed Media Nail Art novice, IIIrd place, Małgorzata Mołodecka
  • Mixed Media Nail Art veteran, IInd place Paulina Hercan, IIIrd place Adina Trojan
  • 3D Nail Art veteran, Ist place Marta Tomaszewska
  • Extreme Stilleto Design veteran, Ist place Anna Skibicka
  • Twist French novice, Ist place Małgorzata Mołodecka
  • Twist French veteran, Ist place Anna Skibicka, IIIrd miejsce Agnieszka Mazur
  • Perfect Match, IIIrd place Natalia Ptaszek and Renata Mastalska
  • Sculptured Nails Gel novice, Ist  place Natalia Trefon, IIIrd place Katarzyna Konderak
  • Salon Success novice, IInd place Małgorzata Mołodecka
  • Salon Success veteran, IIIrd place Agnieszka Mazur

And it's just the beginning of the season!

In the span of next few weeks, the Indigo representation is going to take part in championships in Madrid, Australia, Sofia, Berden and London! We will keep you updated on the coming successes. It is no secret that we are counting on.... dealing with a huge bill for luggage from the airlines. The trophies can be heavy!


NailPro championships were a part of a Beauty Fair 2018 - a prestigious cosmetic and hairstyling expo. Here, Indigo has introduced new autumn collections by Natalia Siwiec and Sara Boruc-Mannei.

The Pre-premier of New York and Sex In The City collection recieved initial enthusiastic reactions from visitors! The polishes available at the expo disappeared from the shelves in a matter of few hours. Clients who could not get the products must surely count days and hours to the official premiere of the collections.

We want to remind you that the premiere is set for the 10th of September.  It's when all of the lovely colours that won the hearts of the visitors of the Beauty Fair expo in  Katowice and which photos have taken the internet by the storm will be available in our online store and at official Indigo brand distributors.

We cannot wait! Making you all excited and amazed is the best part of our day!

Have you seen the new shades? You can take a peek at the official Indigo accounts on Facebook and Instagram! Let us know which ones are your favourite.


Sex In The City - new, autumn colour palette!

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