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Mineral Base Wake Up No Makeup & Mineral Base Delikates – BRAND NEW PRODUCTS!

The Mineral Base by Indigo has won your hearts in 2018. You loved the product which allows you to create a complete manicure in 45 minutes, so you will surely be happy to know that now the Mineral base will be even more amazing!

We are happy to introduce a line of mineral base coats enriched with a shimmer! The most popular shade of base coat - Natural comes in a new edition!
Check out:

Mineral Base Wake Up No Make Up - Mineral Base Natural with a golden shimmer

Mineral Base Delikates - Mineral Base bathed in silver!

Products are available HERE on our website and at your local Indigo Distributor

We want to remind you that mineral base is an amazing product which combines the properties of four other products: base coat, colour and top cat. Until now this product came in 4 subtle shades:

  • Mineral Base Porcelain 7ml and 13ml - a cool, subtle shade of pink with 75% opacity

  • Mineral Base Blush 7ml and 13ml - delicate, powdery  pink

  • Mineral Base Natural 7ml and 13ml - the most popular shade which became an inspiration for Wake Up No Make Up and Delikates Mineral Base

  • Mineral Base Sensual Skin 7ml and 13ml – nude with a red undertone, the darkest shade in the line.

Mineral Base Wake Up No Make Up and Delikates are the perfect shades for subtle, elegant and feminine manicures for 2019! See for yourself how quickly you can create a spectacular manicure

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