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Indigo - Women's brand of the year 2018!

We are delighted to tell you that the Indigo brand has received the honourable title of Women's Brand of the Year 2018! The title is an expression of appreciation for our efforts to provide the highest quality products and services. The contest was created to single out and honour companies, which keep striving for higher standards and introduce new solutions for the most demanding clients.

We work for women!

We've never doubted that nail styling is a field of art worthy of respect, recognition and a passion for many women. We help to pave the way for new stylist's and prove that it can be something much more: a key to fulfilment, personal success and high self-esteem.

We keep working for women. We invest in our personnel's growth and support their participation in international and national championships - it took them only 3 years to win around 700 championship titles, which bears witness to the quality of their work and prestige of the brand itself. We are extremely happy and proud to celebrate this shared success. And this is only a part of our work!!

When the Indigo brand was entering the market, no one was taking the work of a nail stylist seriously. The talent of women working in this field went mostly unappreciated. Fighting this stereotype and uncovering the truth was one of our priorities.

Indigo Foundation - creating equal opportunities is our mission!

Indigo is much more than a brand that cares for the quality of their services and products and to keep improving the skills of their personnel. It is also a foundation dedicated to women whose hard life and adversities stood in the way of their self-fulfilment.The Indigo Foundation in cooperation with our training personnel gives women the chance to discover their talents and polish their skills. We know the amazing power of hard work and believing in oneself. This is the most important lesson we try to pass on to our students.

Growth is our priority

We make sure that every effort is made to meet your requirements, keep you amazed by the quality of our products and strengthening the position of a Nail Stylist as an occupation.

We thank the competition board for awarding us with the honourable title of Women's Brand of the Year 2018. Knowing that our efforts are appreciated and the fact that we give much more to women than just products for a manicure and cosmetics is very rewarding. It keeps us motivated to work for the future of women’s growth.

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