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Indigo will compete at the Oscars for the cosmetics industry

The competition has a 24-year tradition and is one of the most prestigious awards in the cosmetics industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Crystal diamond statuettes are awarded in 23 categories. In two of them, Indigo products were nominated for the title of the best cosmetic of 2017!

Our wonderful Indigo Protein Base Removable has received a nomination in the Nail Care category. If you want to vote please vote here

Second nomination, this time in the Popular cosmetic for body care category went to our amazing Bloom Gold Home SPA body lotion with gold particles. If Bloom Glod is also your favorite way to take care of your body, you can place your vote here.

The competition is open until 13 June 2018 (23:59.59). You can cast your vote by going to the organizer's website (link above, Polish language only) and filling in the form. It must be sent with the answer to the question: Which cosmetics do you depend on and why?

On the basis of the votes 50 winners of the Competition will be selected and announced on June 29th. NOTE: Each Participant of the Competition may cast one vote per day in each category and send one answer. This means that you still have many opportunities to show that Indigo products are among your favourite cosmetics of 2017!

Indigo will compete at the Oscars for the cosmetics industry
Bloom Gold Home Spa - perfect for summer care

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