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Indigo Team on the other side of the curtain

The measure of Indigo Team's professionalism and strength are not only medals (although we already have over 1000 of them). Our instructors also prove their skills by being jury members during prestigious manicure championships.

The presence of the Indigo Team at nail design championships around the world is not limited just to competing. Highly qualified and experienced Indigo instructors are also invited to various championships as jurors, who evaluate the designs of the participants in a professional manner. This is a great distinction and further proof of the professionalism of the individual members of our Team, who proudly undertake their duties as jurors. Having the experience and knowledge of competing in manicure championships, Indigo Instructors are perfect for the role of judges.

During the Nail Lovers Championships in Lithuania, which took place in April this year, one of our representatives, Paulina Hercan, made her debut as a jury member.

“Judging at the Nail Lovers Championships was a special experience for me, because I was always on the other side of the curtain. Before, I was wondering what was behind it, what it looked like, what emotions accompanied the judges. Now I know how difficult this task is!” admits Paulina. “It requires a great deal of attention, concentration and focus. It's also very stressful to do your job so that the evaluation is fair and just. It was hard to make a choice, but the sight of happy participants standing on the podium brought a lot of satisfaction. I hope that I'll continue judging at competitions in the future.”

During the Lithuanian Championships the jury also consisted of Magdalena Smorga, Marcelina Dudek, Martyna Bryzek and Marta Tomaszewska.

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To prawda, instruktorki Indigo są najbardziej profesjonalne na rynku. Wprost wyczarowują cuda na dłoniach. Uwielbiam <3

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