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Indigo keeps on collecting achievements! Another award for our product!

We could keep writing about all the advantages of Indigo Protein Base on and on… Because the list of awards and nominations for one of our flagship products keeps on growing! Actually, the new one has already appeared among them. We are really proud – but not quite surprised – that our protein base has been awarded by Quality International Najwyższa Jakość.

That is already the twelfth edition of the biggest quality competition of Poland. One of main goals of QI Najwyższa Jakość is promoting effective quality management methods in enterprises and institution along with picking and promoting these organisations, that represent the highest standards of products and services.

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) and Department of Quality Management (Cracow University of Economics).

Laureates are awarded on three categories:

- QI product

- QI services

- QI order

49,40 PLN / 7 ml

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88,40 PLN / 13 ml

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The Chapter claimed that the best product award goes to Indigo Protein Base. It is a product dedicated to women willing to boast about the beauty of naturally looking nails, but – due to weak or damaged nail plates – they were not able to.  – The chapter awarded actions of implementation and promoting the idea of quality in all aspects of our activities, especially the quality of subject of application – sounds the information, submitted to our company by the project organizers.

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