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Indigo favourites - do you love them as much as we do?

2018 came and went but love which you gave to Indigo product still lasts. Today we present a short list of products which have a special place in your heart. Do you see your favourites among them? Let's see!

Since Indigo Protein Base has appeared on the market, there is no other product to challenge it. It is still triumphing. 2019 might bring a breakthrough. Soon we shall know if the brand new products in base coat category will challenge the queen. We can't wait for the premiere! Until then we congratulate the invincible Protein Base, which is still number 1 after so many seasons.
We have a surprise for that who always assume that the List of Favourites is predictable - see the most places are taken by the products from 2018 which took the nail industry by storm!

The favourite of the top coats?  Tip Top Top Coat - top which creates maximum shine and glossy finish. The matte top coat, Super Matte has also made onto the list, you absolutely loved it. Will it push the Tip Top coat form the first place in 2019? It depends on your choices!

Last year we've introduced the brand new product on the market - mineral base. Handy and practical product for fans of a quick and subtle manicure. It can replace 3 different products: a base coat, colour and top coat. Mineral Base was available in 4 delicate, sensual shades, but the undisputed winners were the Mineral Base Natural and Mineral Base Porcelain. I bet that you are happy to hear that we have 2 new products in this line, Natural shade enriched with golden shimmer - Wake Up No Make Up and Delikates with a silver shimmer.
Mineral bases allow you to create an entire manicure in 45 minutes. Ther are perfect for creating french manicure, babyboomer a manicure for work or subtle wedding designs.

You are also very constant in your love for Top Gloss 3D Removable, which makes light colours last longer and provides amazing shine! With its help, you can say bye-bye to yellowing on white nails!

Mineral Base Wake Up No Makeup & Mineral Base Delikates – BRAND NEW PRODUCTS!
The 2018 Indigo Home SPA favourites!

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