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Indigo at Hair Forum Poland Trade Fair in Warsaw (20-21 October 2018)

Indigo reaches out with its offer to professionals first in order to provide the individual customer with the highest possible standard of service. We collaborate with nail artists and nail salon owners, but did you know that we’re also trying to reach hairdressers and hairdressing salons to prove to them that they can also spread their wings with us? We can do it by extending our offer with Indigo services and products. That’s why we had to be at the Hair Forum Poland Trade Fair, which took place in Warsaw in The Trade Fair Convention Center at 56c Marsa street.

Hair Forum Poland was held on 20th and 21st October. Although it was dedicated to the hairdressing industry, it’s clear that salon customers care about their image as a whole and would be happy to speed up the desired results without having to make separate appointments with the best hairdresser and a proven manicurist. And that’s where Indigo comes in – the brand can provide manicure services in a hair salon! In order to spread the good news and to show our new products during the live presentations, as well as to provide all the necessary information, we appeared in Warsaw at Hair Forum Poland!
As the organizer of the event explained on its website, over 9,000 people attended over the weekend. The presence of Indigo was a very positive surprise for many! And we like to surprise. Thank you to all who visited our stand. Direct face-to-face meetings are always a priceless experience for us! Here are some photos from the event:

If you run a hairdressing salon and are interested in expanding your business, you have to look HERE (,salon-firmowy.html) or write to us:

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