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Indigo at Beauty Forum & SPA – more information and video

It really was a weekend full of excitement! Two days at the fair, several dozen people serving the Indigo stand, thousands of visitors and even more products that disappeared in the blink of an eye! Wow! We’re exhausted, but above all extremely grateful and proud, because everything Indigo does it does for you! And without you it wouldn’t make sense!

Thank you for all your weekend visits at our stand in Warsaw! It was difficult not to notice us, right? We wanted to show you as much as possible, but to be honest we could manage twice as much space with ease!

We know perfectly well that not everything went as planned this weekend but remember that only those who do not do anything make mistakes! We may work like mad, but in this madness there’s a method and a purpose – to keep you enthralled at all times!

Honestly? We didn’t expect that Indigo Expert Club would get so much interest! We’d like to remind you that you can join the Club and take advantage of an exceptional welcome and permanent promotions and, for example, become a proud owner of the Blue Jeans collection! That’s right. Apart from promotions and discounts, we’ll offer Indigo Expert Club members collections not available for regular sale!

The official launch of the Club and presentation of the limited Blue Jeans collection, inspired by the love for the 1990s, are not the only novelties. At the fair, Indigo presented a completely new palette of saturated colors combined with a metallic glow – the Iron collection dedicated to strong and determined women! At that point, we decided to have some fun with you. 

The Iron collection consists of six colors, and for the moment you can buy five of them. The sixth will remain a mystery, but it can be yours long before others get it – be sure to follow our social media channels and be prepared for the most beautiful nail designs using Iron colors!

Selfie with Natalia!

The collections which premièred at the beginning of September – New York by Natalia Siwiec and Sex In The City by Sara Mannei-Boruc – continued to be very popular. Their extreme popularity confirmed our thoughts – the colours selected by Indigo will reign this season! It was wonderful to see such variations using these colors – your individual tastes, decorations, accessories, designs and personalities made each of the colours gain a completely new incarnation! We loved it! And we’d love to see more – remember to tag us in your social media when you boast about your nail designs:

Our Instagram profile: Indigo Nails -> @indigonails

Our Facebook profile: Indigo Nails - > @indigonails

We hope that all those who wanted to hug and take a photo with our ambassador Natalia Siwiec. The length of the line for an autograph was a clear message to us – Indigo has to show up more often with Natalia or... clone her! We’ll start with the first idea!!

Autumn in Indigo – training for company showrooms!
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