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Protein Base Qltowy Kosmetyk 2018
Protein Base on podium again

We would like to proudly inform you, that Indigo product was honored with truly special award. This time we can boast about Qltowy Kosmetyk award, gained in the competition organized by „Kosmetyki” magazine. And the „Qltowy Kosmetyk” award goes to…  Indigo Protein Base!

Tip Top and Super Matte – hot news from INDIGO

Perfect manicure is a matter of many choices. From the shape of nails, to the selection of colors, patterns and decorations. However, you should remember that choosing the right top is also a very important element of finishing the whole stylization.

Magdalena Malaczyńska – Indigo Nails CEO & Founder interview

Magdalena Malaczyńska – Indigo Nails CEO & Founder interview from September 2017 issue of polish magazine "Kobieta w biznesie"

Paznokcie na lato 2018 według Indigo
Summer nails 2018 by Indigo - We Are The Colors!

Every woman starts preparing for holidays several months before. We were also very busy preparing to summer 2018! We wanted it to be really special.