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Jaki krem do rąk wybrać?
Which hand cream to choose?

We don’t need to convince anyone about the fact that hands reveal who we are, and a careful manicure is to a certain extent a “must have” for every woman. But what can we do to make our hands look like after a visit to a beauty salon? The answer is simple. Use an appropriate hand cream!

Ranking of colours from the Sex In The City collection!

The Sex In The City collection, just like New York, had its official première on September 9th. Today, we’ve decided to summarize and present your favourite products that most often end up in the shopping cart at our online store! Check which nail polishes from the latest collection signed by Sara Boruc-Mannei have won your hearts.

Czas utwardzania hybrydy i żelu
Curing time of hybrid and gel nail polish

On the one hand, an endless range of hybrid nail polishes, fantastic colorful gels as well as many builders and finishing products give you an ocean of opportunities and, on the other hand, bring about the risk whether a precisely made design will cure completely. We’ll tell you how long it takes for Indigo products to maintain maximum durability in a particular type of lamp and explain what can affect the estimated curing time.

NEW! Art Gum Gel from Indigo – precise decorations as never before

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a stylist who’s been creating decorations “since ever” or just a beginner. New Art Gum Gel from Indigo will revolutionize your work anyway. Read more to find out why!