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Marble nails – step by step. How to do it?

Each year brings new trends or promotes fashion that’s been forgotten for decades. There are cases, however, when a certain style can stand the test of time and enjoy great success for years. A great example are the so-called “marble nails”, which from a curiosity of one season have become one of the most popular methods of nail decoration. 

Nowy Rok zacznij z Indigo! Promocja 2+2!
Start the New Year with Indigo! 2+2 promotion!

The dust after the New Year’s Eve party has already settled a little. 2019 is finally here! And Indigo wants to welcome it with full honours – check out our New Year’s promotions!

Stylizacja karnawałowa: TUTORIAL VIDEO od Indigo!
Carnival nails: TUTORIAL VIDEO from Indigo!

Carnival is a perfect time to get crazy! If you're looking for an idea for a unique manicure and make-up that will make you delight others during every party, you've come to the right place – you must watch our video!

Carnival nails – Indigo inspirations – gloss and contrasts!

Carnival is a special time for all manicure fans! The frenzy atmosphere and a multitude of spectacular events make it possible for us to do more in nail art as well. Today we will talk about the most fashionable carnival nails according to Indigo!