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Hybrid nail curing lamp – which one to choose? LED or UV?

Curing, the final stage of the nail design process, is actually the icing on the cake – the last element determining the final effect. In case of insufficient power or type of light, we can significantly extend the time and even make it impossible to realize our concept for a unique nail design. That’s why choosing the right hybrid nail curing lamp is a priority.

UV lamp – a classic solution that you should know more about

UV lamps, which are still the most popular devices of this type, cure gel and hybrid nail polishes, but not always with equal results. Theoretically, we can buy a 9 W lamp for as little as PLN 29, but is it worth taking the risk? Exactly. After all, a manicure that ripples and comes off quickly is a nightmare that has put many customers off home experiments with hybrid nail polishes. A professional nail design performed in a salon is a completely different level – to ensure that even heavily pigmented colors and all effects cure without any problems, we need to invest in a 36 W device. Professional UV nail lamps offer a broad spectrum of light, so they cure both gel (also colored ones!) and hybrid nail polishes. The only downside is that the curing process takes longer.

LED lamp – is it really revolutionary?

Since this type of lamps appeared on the market, they have immediately gained a huge group of supporters. Unfortunately, not every lamp is equally good, so as with a UV lamp we should first of all avoid devices offering less power to make sure that our nail design is completely cured, and the effects stay longer. A bridge shaped curing lamp does not disperse light evenly, hence it provides poorer effects on the sides and ends of nails. Therefore, LED lamps should have the power rating of at least 36 W and preferably 48 W. The biggest advantage of LED lamps for curing nails is the reduction of working time by at least 50%. Many manufacturers boast that a professional hybrid nail curing lamp guarantees 100% curing in just a few seconds, but you need to know that this does not apply to all products. In the case of gel nail polishes, the product must contain a large number of photoinitiators in order to cure in LED light. It is also important to remember that we will not be providing every customer with a hybrid manicure on the natural nail plate and that we will not be using only one type of gel. Therefore, when choosing the right lamp, it’s good to make sure that the products we use, e.g.  Take Your Time, cure in a classic LED lamp.

MultiLed nail curing lamp – a reliable lamp based on the latest Dual LED technology

The combination of UV and LED light spectrum is the answer to the most common nail art problems.

To put it simply, the MultiLed nail curing lamp is a multi-purpose device – it enables complete curing of all Indigo products without exception, both gel and hybrid nail polishes. Different exposure options – 30, 60, and 90 seconds – give you full control over the curing process, and the intelligent Soft button makes it possible for the device to gradually increase its power, which is particularly important in the case of builder gels. An additional advantage is the fact that the display is also on the customer’s side, so she can control what’s happening to her nails, which increases her comfort and confidence in the nail artist. Because the MultiLed Hybrid nail curing lamp is fitted with an automatic motion sensor that detects the actual location of the hand, the curing process takes place quickly, efficiently and without any problems. Despite its small size, the lamp will perfectly cure both manicures and pedicures (the removable magnetic tray makes it easier to keep the device clean).

Which hybrid nail curing lamp is best for you?

A nail curing lamp is a basic tool of every nail artist, so let’s summarize three principles that are worth to follow when choosing it:

  1. We need to consider the products we work with to make sure they cure completely.
  2. It is best to choose devices with high power rating – 36 W is the minimum for professional use.
  3. If in doubt, it’s always worth asking other professionals. The best products simply defend themselves.

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