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How to work with Gelastic? A step by step tutorial!

New things can be intimidating! This article will diminish any doubts you might have about the Gelastic system.

The previous article will introduce you to the characteristic features of the system and to the potential it holds. Gelastic means no more annoying dust, tedious filing, unpleasant smell and burning in the lamp.
With the help of products and tools that come in the set enhancing nails will be quicker and easier than ever. These are the 8 steps of creating nails with Gelastic system! Treat your client not only with amazing manicure but also with saved time!

More about Gelastic system can be found HERE

Gelastic - step by step tutorial!


1. Prepare the natural nail plate.

2. Choose the right size of forms.

3. Cover the natural nail with PrimoUltimo product and cure it in the lamp.

4. Apply the right amount of Gelastic product in the chosen colour on the form.

You can choose out of 4 versions:

Clear - transparent | Glass Pink - transparent, slightly pink | Milky - milky pink | Cover - camouflage with 90% opacity

5. Apply to the natural nail.

6. Form the free edge with the brush and cure in the lamp.

7. Take off the Dual form.

8. Shape with a nail file.

9. Apply any colour and protect the nail with a layer of PrimoUltimo.

You are done!

32 PLN / 5 ml

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890 PLN

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Transparent nail forms are a perfect product for all gel methods.

Working with forms, a step by step tutorial:

1. Prepare the natural nail plate.

2. Choose and fit the right form.

3. Apply the form and PrimoUltimo nail and create the "frame" of the nail.

Take under consideration the proper structure of the elongated nail and apply the chosen colour for Gelastic. You can choose out of 4 versions:

Clear - transparent | Glass Pink - transparent, slightly pink | Milky - milky pink | Cover - camouflage with 90% opacity

Attention! Remember that you can form the nails for as long as you need without running against time. You will save some time anyway!

4. Cure the nails in MultiLed lamp for 60-90 seconds or 2-3 minutes in a UV lamp.

5. Remove any dispersive layer with a Cleaner Wipe Off by Indigo.

6. Create the final shape of the nail with a 100/180 file.

7. Apply the chosen colour and PrimoUltimo.

You are done!

The transparent forms come in rolls in 2 versions: 200 and 500 pcs.

The revolution is coming - time for Gelastic by Indigo!
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Jak uzupełnić gelastic?

Pani Magdaleno, oto instrukcja uzupełniania stylizacji krok po kroku:

  1. Opracowujemy płytkę w taki sam sposób jak do każdej innej stylizacji.
  2. Kładziemy bazę w postaci Primo Ultimo.
  3. Pobieramy odpowiednią ilość produktu Gelastic na szpatułkę.
  4. Okładamy paznokieć produktem, wyklepujemy przy skórkach, przemasowujemy ku wolnemu brzegowi i następnie utwardzamy.
  5. Przecieramy minimalną dyspersję, jaką wytwarza Gelastic
  6. Opracowujemy pilnikiem, jeżeli jest taka konieczność.

I gotowe! 

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