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How to take care of your nails - 3 important rules

We usually take interest in proper nail care when we notice any breakage or splitting - which is to say when it is too late. The question "how to take care of nails" should have been asked way earlier and we should stick to a simple routine which will help our nails grow properly and look healthy and beautiful every single day.

  1. Helping the nails from the inside

Nail care should begin from within, which means taking care of ourselves with a balanced diet, full of high quality, nourishing ingredients. Vitamins from the B group (B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9) present in grains, eggs and legumes will help us achieve good health and strong nails. Just as vitamins A and E as well as zinc, iron and magnesium - all we need to do is include sunflower or pumpkin seeds, cacao, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and dried fruits into our diet. 

If we struggle with deficiency of certain elements we can always reach out for diet supplements, to improve their nails and complexion - such supplements are available in drugstores and often contain zinc, yeast and horsetail extract.

When we wonder how to take care of our nails from the within it’s important to remember to stay hydrated, and we need to be drinking at least two litres of water a day.

  1. What should you avoid to get better nails?

Taking care of your nails also includes avoiding certain situations. If there is an easy way to help our nails recover, then why not take a chance? Long exposure to UV radiation has a bad effect on our body and our hands. We often forget about protecting our hands with creams containing SPF, making them vulnerable to sunburns which create long lasting sunspots which are tricky to remove. 
You should also avoid soaking your hands for too long, always remember to use protective gloves when cleaning and while handling detergents.  

Often we aren't aware of our harmful habits - we should once and for all stop the burdensome (and not very aesthetically pleasing) habit of biting our nails and picking the cuticles. If you are striving to have stronger and better nails, you should think about eliminating a few problematic factors - sometimes nailcare is easier than you think.

  1. Treatments for nails

If household remedies aren't enough to take care of our nails, the nail treatments offered in cosmetic salons might just do the trick. Treatments that include oils and plant butter like Shea Butter are great moisturisers that penetrate deeper into the nail plate.  There are special types of manicures which are dedicated to weak and brittle nails. One of them is a Japanese Manicure which really is a deep and thorough nail treatment - different types of special powders and dust which will strengthen and nourish any damaged nail plates. Using a mineral base and protein base also improves nail growth and protects the nail from mechanical damage. But you don't need to leave your home to take care of your nails. We all should remember about the everyday and regular moisturizing of our hands. Using hand creams with active ingredients will certainly help to improve the condition of our weakened nails

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