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How to strengthen nails?

Well cared for and neat hands are the pride of every woman – that's why many of us would give a fortune for proven ways to having stronger nails. We have good news – beautiful, strong and healthy nails are now at your fingertips! Here are a few tips on how to save even a badly damaged nail plate.

Some of us have soft and delicate nails since birth, others have won the genetic lottery and boast hard and strong nails. However, even they may experience temporary deterioration in the condition of the plate. Why?


Mechanical damage, e.g. after repeated nail extensions or incompetent removal of a hybrid manicure, as well as excessive use of gloves during various chores often lead to nail plate deterioration. Some of us struggle with the so-called problematic plate (e.g. as a result of hormonal changes), and it also happens that the bad condition of nails is associated with dietary errors.


Since hair and nails reflect the state of health, it's worth taking a look at our menu – it must not lack protein, vitamins A, E and B, as well as minerals (zinc, copper and silicon). Remember not to skip lean meat, fish, eggs, wholemeal bread and pasta, as well as vegetables (broccoli, lettuce, parsley, and especially carrots, which are abounding in vitamin A). We should also eat a lot of fruit, as well as nuts and seeds (e.g. pumpkin or sunflower).


After repeated nail extensions and manicures it's worth strengthening our nails using the treasures of nature – hand spa treatment provides not only regeneration of the nails but is also a lotion for the soul. Indigo argan oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, so it strengthens the nail plate. It offers a beautiful fragrance with notes of oranges, tangerines and sandalwood that evoke a holiday mood. Thanks to its convenient spray form, the oil is very easy to apply and absorbs quickly. Shea butter, on the other hand, accelerates the growth of nails, eliminates the unevenness of the plate and deeply regenerates. The effects of the spa treatment will be strengthened with the use of Indigo serum with myrrh – an exclusive product that not only regenerates and nourishes the nails, but also prevents their brittleness, and additionally soothes and moisturises dry cuticles. The cosmetics will fit into a bag, so they can be used systematically. One package lasts even for 3 months.


When damage is serious, natural methods may not be sufficient. Fortunately, a well-chosen base can work wonders. Our bestseller – the protein base improves the condition of the nails; it strengthens, protects and prevents the splitting of the plate, as well as repairs any signs of damage (so broken nails no longer mean absolute necessity of using a file!). Protein Base Removable is the last hope for those of us who have problematic nails (e.g. with a concave plate), as well as for those who haven't been able to get the desired nail length. The protein base not only improves their condition to such an extent that you can finally grow them, but also (thanks to carefully selected consistency) allows for nail extensions of up to 3 mm.

Those of us who don't need such intensive action, but in addition to strengthening would like to get a delicate colour, will also like Indigo mineral bases. They come in 6 cool shades of pink and two shiny versions – if you like the nude effect, you'll surely appreciate this quick nail design without the need to use a top coat.

Regardless of the reason for the weakening of the plate, in most cases the methods mentioned above will provide us with beautiful and strong nails. In most cases – because in rare situations the deteriorating condition of the nails may indicate a disease and then it'll be necessary to visit a doctor.

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