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How enhance nails with a hybrid base? (Step by step guide)

You can read about our revolutionary protein base in our last post `Natural way to lengthen your nails`.

It happens to each and every one of us now and then. You get ready for a formal occasion and suddenly...BAM! Your nail is broken! Oh, what to do now?!

The best possible option is a quick nail lengthening with a Protein Base hybrid base. It has a durability of a gel nail but it's still a hybrid and can be taken off with a Remover.

Another scenario? You are trying to grow out your natural nails. You used all the diets and conditioners, but the end result is weak at best? Our protein base will give you a protective layer that will harden your nail and prevent breakage.

Step one

On a filed and clean nail plate applyAcid free Primer, remember to apply it only on a natural nail plate (take care not to put it in cuticles). Take a small amount of primer. The best way is to dip the very end of a brush and remove excess on a dust free cotton pad.

After applying primer on a nail wait for a minute

Step two

Cut your form to fit the nail and carefully place it under the nail. When the form is neatly fitted we take a thin layer of protein base and start building structure. The lengthen nail should measure 2-3 mm. We recommend curing it for a 1 minute under a LED lamp.

Step three

After curing it, keep adding the layers with base and build the C-Curve of the nail. Cure it again for a 1 minute.

Step four

Very carefully remove the form. If you can see a “bumps” on a nail surface add a layer of a base to smooth it out. Cure it for another minute.

Step five

Wipe all nails with Cleaner and shape it with 100/180 nail file. Smooth the nail surface with 100/180 buffer.

Step six

Remove any greasy residue with Cleaner and add a glossy top coat like Dry Top or Removable Top Coat. Cure it for 30 seconds under LED lamp.

Step seven

We are almost done! Now wipe nails with Cleaner Super Shine with a coconut oil and finish manicure with favourite hand cream.

If you still have some doubts, watch our tutorial on applying protein base.


How enhance nails with a hybrid base? (Step by step guide)How enhance nails with a hybrid base? (Step by step guide)How enhance nails with a hybrid base? (Step by step guide)
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