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Holiday SPA for your feet - how to take care of your feet with the nourishing Foot Lover cream?

Do your feet need a summer regeneration? Take care of the proper nutrition and hydration of your feet with Foot Lover Cream.

Smooth, beautifully groomed feet and a neat pedicure are one of the key elements of the summer look. Discover the scientifically proven effects of the nourishing Foot Lover Cream and enjoy the beautiful look of your feet all summer long. If you haven't checked its unique properties yet, now’s the time. Now you can order the nourishing Foot Lover foot cream with a 40% OFF for only 15 pln.

Foot Lover Cream - nutrition and hydration for the feet

Effective care and a feminine, tempting fragrance in one? The nourishing Foot Lover foot cream is a combination of active ingredients and one of the most popular Home SPA fragrances. The composition of the cosmetic includes beeswax, allantoin, vitamin E and urea, which is essential in foot care. The rich formula of Foot Lover effectively nourishes, smoothes and softens the skin and gives them proper hydration. To maintain this effect as long as possible, it's important to use the cream regularly. Foot Lover - tempting with the ultra-feminine scent of Seventh Heaven - will turn everyday foot care into a real pleasure and quickly become your favourite habit.

Exfoliating scrub - extra support for your feet

Do you want to smooth your skin and stimulate it to regenerate? Prepare a warm bath for your feet, and then reach for Indigo Home SPA body scrub in your favourite fragrance. A massage done 1-2 times a week helps to remove the remains of calluses from the feet, stimulates the skin to regenerate naturally and prepares them for using the cream later.

French pedicure - natural and subtle elegance

The daily foot care shall be complemented by careful, natural and long-lasting nail styling. Classic French, made with Pedicure Base and Mr. White is the universal choice that will work both during holidays and on hot days at work. If you want to see how to do it step by step, check the Indigo YouTube channel.

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