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HIT! Indigo Nail Bit 2 for the left-handed!

At Indigo, we want to make it possible for every nail artist who loves manicures to realize her passion and use her talent. That's why our new product will surely please all left-handed manicurists - here's a special nail bit dedicated to them!

The nail bit for the left-handed is an absolute novelty, designed to facilitate the most precise work for those women who definitely prefer to use their left hand.

188,50 PLN

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Until now, using tools available on the market has been a challenge for such nail artists.

Let's put an end to it! From now on, left-handed manicurists can take care of the comfort and convenience of their work and freely compete for the title of the best with colleagues from the industry who use tools for the right-handed. Isn't it great?

The nail bit lies ideally in the left hand and facilitates easy manoeuvring and accurate milling. It's comfortable and ergonomic shape is a relief for the hands, which so far have been forced to work using right-handed cutters on a daily basis. 

We hope that the left-handed nail bit by Indigo will meet your expectations and make your work in the salon even more enjoyable. We're already working on more improvements - be sure to stay up to date with us!

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