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Glammies 2018 x Indigo

This year, for the fourth time Glamour magazine has announced the Glammies awards. Several hundred companies took part in the competition. The editorial team tested hundreds of products to select the best cosmetics and beauty products of the past year in one of the 20 categories!

Indigo Removable Protein Base has been awarded by the editors of "Glamour" in the category of THE BEST NAIL POLISHES. This is yet another distinction for this special product. Base is meant to help you forget about the problem of weak, splitting and breaking fingernails.

Indigo Protein Base has many functions. Thinly layered, it is the perfect base for nail polishes. Also it eliminates the risk of splashes. If the look of the nail is not perfect (it grows upwards or has an uneven surface), it can be used to build the ideal surface of nail and create the perfect C curve. In addition, Protein Base may be helpful for women who find it difficult to maintain a long, natural nails. If we continue to apply the base for a few months, we will be able to naturally lengthen and strengthen the nails. The base may also be helpful when you want to correct the cavity or extend the free edge up to 3 mm.

Protein Base applied on the dusted and thoroughly cleaned nails is the perfect surface for the manicure created by outstanding indigo instructors and stylists! 
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