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Gel Polish French manicure – step by step

What are you going to need?

Gel Polish French manicure - step by step

  1. Prepare your nail plate:
    • Even out the shape of nails with a Mylar file with a 180 grit.
    • Buff the surface of the nails with buffer or a block.
    • Even out the shape of the nails with a Mylar file with a 180 grit.
    • Remove grease from the nail plate with a cleaner soaked with Cleaner.
  2. Use the Primer, which increases the adhesive properties of the nail plate:
    - Free Acid Primer, if your nail plate is normal (90% of cases)
    - Acid Primer if you have a “problematic” nail plate – greasy, sweaty or changed by hormonal imbalance.
  3. Apply Base coat (the popular choice is Indigo Protein Base)
    • Cure the base coat in the lamp – 30 seconds/LED, 120 seconds/UV
    • Wipe nails with a swab soaked in Cleaner. This will remove the dispersion layer and provide more control over the colour application and the french tip.

    Good to know...
    You can speed up the process of applying French manicure by switching the traditional base for Mineral Base.
    Tips on how to do that can be found at the bottom of this text!

  4. Apply the colour of your choice, for example, Natural by Indigo
    • Cure in the lamp - 30 seconds/LED, 120 seconds/UV
  5. Paint the “smiles” at the tip of the nails with Nail Art brush 004 and white gel polish Mr White
    • Cure in the lamp - 30 seconds/LED, 120 seconds/UV
  6. Protect the manicure with Pro White top coat. It contains the most UV factors and prevents polish discolouration
    • Cure in the lamp - 30 seconds/LED, 120 seconds/UV
  7. Wait 30 seconds.
  8. Wipe the manicure with Cleaner Super Shine or Shea Super Shine to remove the dispersive layer.

*To make the work quicker, switch the transparent protein base in step 3. for a new Mineral Base. Why?

Mineral Base is available in 4 neutral and delicate shades: Porcelain, Blush, Natural and Sensual Skin and can be used as a base and colour coat in one. ATTENTION! When creating a monochromatic look the mineral base doesn't need to be protected with a top coat. However, when it comes to a French Manicure when you paint the tip with Mr White, you need to protect it with a top coat.

We hope, that this tutorial will be useful to You. Let us know how it turned out in the comments below!

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