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Exclusive periodical showcases at Indigo!

From season to season Indigo tries to give you vertigo with a constant flow of new products! Do you want to join the group of professional Stylists, who work only with the best products and are always up to date with the trends? In 2019 you have to take part in the exclusive Indigo showcases!

Get the information about brand new products straight from the source, consult your doubts with Indigo experts, plunge into the sea of inspirations and treat your clients with the very best and the most fashionable the nail industry has to offer! How? By taking part in periodical brand showcases!

We want to meet with you in an elite company every few weeks to show you Indigo products which will revolutionise your work and bring a crowd of new clients! We start in February - the shared journey into the world of brand new products begins with A NEW GELASTIC SYSTEM SHOWCASE!


Your local Indigo distribution point, full list of places HERE 


The first meeting is on the 2nd of February 2019!


You'll meet us and be the first to hear about all of the new products, see how they work and be able to ask any questions you might have!

In addition - every showcase will be a premiere of a polish, which won't be able available anywhere else apart from Indigo Showcases! You'll get it from us as a gift during the showcase!

On the 2nd of February, you'll discover Gelastic!

Sign up for the showcase at your local Distribution point and be the first to discover a new, revolutionary system which makes nail styling and enhancing much easier.  Gelastic is a sure-fire hit of the coming year. Soon all your clients will be asking about it!


What else we want to talk about on the 2nd of February?

You'll see:

  • Mineral base coats with shimmer - a great idea for an express manicure with a shimmer thanks to the new version of the product that won the hearts of clients in 2018.
  • Carnival Glitter collection - a palette of the most saturated and glittering colours on the market
  • Brand new shade available only in Indigo Expert Club - Miss Carrington
  • Aqua Gel - which will help you in creating watercolour masterpieces on the nails.
  • Effect Base  - a new base coat that will turn working with Effect Powders into a pure pleasure.
  • Lipstick collection - a palette of shades inspired by makeup, which had its premiere at Indigo Expert Club and...

...many more!

As a professional stylist, you have to be up to date - this is why you absolutely cannot miss the brand new products at the Indigo showcases! We are waiting for you!

Sign up for the first showcase on the 2nd of February today!

BRAND NEW! Effect Base - a special task base coat
Mineral Base Wake Up No Makeup & Mineral Base Delikates – BRAND NEW PRODUCTS!

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