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Everything about Top Matte

You’ll probably never get bored with the matte effect. Thanks to our tips and our vlog, you’ll be able to enjoy impeccable matte effects on your nails for many weeks! Today, at your request, we’ll go over one of our most popular tops – Super Matte – with a fine-tooth comb.

Super Matte is a product without a dispersion layer – after taking nails out of the lamp the design is basically ready. But we know that some of you have doubts as to whether the effect you’ve achieved is the most you can get from this product. It’s hard for us to decide how each of you defines matte, so want to share some tips that will allow you to get the maximum matte effects out of your nail design and optimize its durability. We’ll also dispel all the doubts that you’ve raised most often!

  1. The top is not 100% matte. It resembles satin or becomes satin with time. Why? How to avoid that?

If you have doubts about the degree of the matte effect and you want to achieve the absolute maximum, remember first of all about precisely curing the top – if it hasn’t been cured properly, the top can become like satin with time. The Super Matte top cures from 30 to 60 seconds in a LED lamp, but much depends on the type of lamp you use. If you are not satisfied with the degree of the matte effect in your design, extend the curing time.

If you want to be perfectly sure and achieve the best matte effect possible – even with the absence of dispersion – wipe the top with Wipe Off Cleaner. Then you can be certain without the slightest doubt that matte will remain matte and you’ll get the essence out of it.

  1. Why matte nails get dirty more often?

Matte surfaces, not only on nails, have a greater tendency to “attract dirt”. It’s not so much a flaw, but this is simply how matte surfaces behave. To put it simply, shiny surfaces are smooth and have less grip.

Do you want to regain the “clean matte” effect? Just wipe nails with Wipe Off Cleaner. It’s true that matte nails require a bit more attention, but the wiping takes only a while, and you know that a beautifully looking matte effect is worth it!

  1. Super Matte top changes the color of a hybrid nail polish – does it and why? 

The perception of colour is highly subjective, and each color reflects light in a different way. Changing colour perception is a matter of the optical properties of the eye, not the product – the same shiny color seems more saturated and pigmented, while its matte version is a little subdued and toned down. Matting changes the nature of the color and shows it in a slightly different view, but it’s still the same color.

  1. Why do streaks appear on the matte surface of a nail?

Streaks on nails are not related to the action of Super Matte top! Hybrid nail polishes are distinguished not only by color, but also the degree of the dispersion layer left. Streaks show that the nail polish you’ve decided to apply leaves a larger dispersion layer than any other nail polish, which you haven’t completely removed. In order to avoid streaks, the excess of the dispersion layer must be removed with great care and thoroughly, e.g. with a dry cotton pad.

  1. I used products of another brand and the Super Matte top does not work as it should. Why is that happening?

Remember that new products are always tested on the products of our brand. Indigo is not responsible for nail designs made with products of other brands or by omitting or modifying the steps presented in the guides that we make available to you and how we educate you.

To make sure you’ve avoided all potential mistakes, take a look at our vlog dedicated to Super Matte! And be sure to tag us when you boast about your matte nail designs!

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