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DRAMA QUEEN – a new fragrance line in Indigo Home SPA

You've probably already known well our new-ins, like bases and nail varnishes – but every once in a while, we present you something new. You have to admit, however, it's time to refresh HOME SPA products’ fragrance line. Yes!

Please welcome a new fragrance, the Drama Queen! A perfect composition for the bold romantic woman who wants to delight senses with fragrance and shine.

But, one thing at a time. As forbidden fruit is the sweetest, we're not going to let you have it all at once, but we're going to make you fall in love with this product by its limited access-and for now, please try Drama Queen Shimmer lotion!

44,20 PLN / 300 ml %

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You know perfectly well our body lotions, which thanks to the combination of up to 7 nutrients* (!) provide the skin with everything it needs to be nourished and beautiful.

Drama Queen Shimmer is a lotion that combines the new fragrance with the shimmering particles you love! Feel like queens (not necessarily drama queens!) – the lotion is now available on the Indigo website or at Indigo Distributors!

*the lotion contains: urea, soybean oil, D-panthenol, vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, aloe extract and lanolin.

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