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Cosmetics industry Oscars go to… Indigo!

Back in May we told you that Indigo would be competing within the cosmetics industry, meaning the Prix de Beaute Cosmopolitan 2018. Now we can proudly announce: And the Oscar goes to… Indigo! In such a prestigious vote with perennial tradition two of our products have gained the readers’ admiration: Indigo Protein Base and Bloom Gold Home Spa.

The crystal statue of plebiscite organized by Cosmopolitan magazine for the 20th time is given in 23 categories. In one of them – Nail Care – the award went to Indigo Protein Base. It does not quite surprise us, because our flaghip product keeps on collecting laurels and nominations on and on (Women’s Brand of the Year 2018, Quality International, Glamour Glammies).

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When it comes to Bloom Gold Home Spa lotion, it was awarded by readers in the body care category. We are so happy that it joins its honoured „sibling” of home SPA products. Recently we have been telling you about the Indigo Seventh Heaven cream gaining Women’s Health magazine Product of the Year 2018. – It seduced us with it's fragrance, excellent absorbency and convenient packaging with a pump - editorial office explained.

This body lotion captivates not only with its beautiful fragrance but also with its nourishing properties. It contains very valuable ingredients. Improving the appearance and condition of the skin is noticeable immediately after the first use. The consistency of the product makes it spread and absorbs really quickly.

Admiration from Cosmopolitan readers and such a prestigious award is a huge honour for us and proves the highest quality of Indigo products. But we have never doubted, that they are second to none!

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